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Privacy Policy

We respect the protection of users' personal information. We will collect and use your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy when you use the services provided by our website.  


This Privacy Policy contains provisions on our collection, use, storage and protection of your personal information. You are advised to read this Privacy Policy in its entirety to help you understand how to protect your privacy.  If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, you can contact us through the contact information published on the website.  If you do not agree with any content of this Privacy Policy, you should immediately stop using our website.  By using any of our services, you consent to our lawful collection, use and storage of your information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

1. Scope of application  
This Privacy Policy applies to all services provided by our website.  

2. How do we collect information  
The only way we can collect information is if you are interested in our company and then take the initiative to leave your contact information on our website so that we can provide you with further services.  

3. How do we use information  
After we have collected your voluntary personal information, we will use the contact information you left to contact you and provide you with services.  Will not disclose your personal information to any unrelated third party.  

4. Information storage  
The information and data collected about you will be stored on our server and will only be used for our communication with you.  

5. Information protection  
In order to protect your information security, we try to take all reasonable security measures to protect your information, in order to prevent information disclosure, but please understand that due to technical limitations and possible malicious acts, we cannot guarantee 100% security on the Internet.  

6. Protection of minors  
We attach great importance to the protection of minors' personal information. If you are a minor, we suggest that you ask your guardian to read this Privacy Policy carefully and use our services or provide information to us with the consent of your guardian.

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